Independent Study

An independent study1 compared Kay Kare™ to leading brands using objective measures.  The study’s statistically significant findings showed:

  • Kay Kare™ had greatest overall ease of use
  • Easier to apply and remove than other braces
  • Requires less time to learn application
  • Offers the greatest degree of support, even without accessory straps

1 “Evaluating the Usability, Comfort and Stability of Arm Braces, ”Virginia Tech Occupational Ergonomics and Biomechanics Lab, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

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“…the braces are easy to don/doff and they comfortably support upper extremities for patients who have sustained clavicle fractures and cannot tolerate a strap pulling across their anterior shoulder/chest region…”

Dwayne PitreManager of Occupational Therapy, UVA Adult Acute Care

“[Kay Kare’s braces] add quality to the lives of those who suffer from upper extremity weakness and pain…”

Connie GuercinOccupational Therpist

“…the sling was a big help. It has increased my mobility and I have less back pain.”